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A Simple Guide in Getting Picky Seniors to Eat

A Simple Guide in Getting Picky Seniors to Eat

Getting picky seniors to eat may sound easy peasy. But in reality, it is one difficult feat! Seniors refuse to eat due to appetite problems, and some dislike the food served on the table. Is it hard to convince the seniors to eat right on time? Below are some tips you can start to encourage them to start eating healthily again.

  • Build a routine/schedule.
    Elderly care means establishing a routine for seniors to start and day their day right. Include a healthy eating routine in their regular activities to develop their appetite and slowly introduce them to eating proper meals at least three times a day. It also prepares their body to eat at the same time every day.
  • Serve nutritious foods in smaller portions.
    Seniors tend to feel overwhelmed if they realize that there is plenty of food in front of them. To avoid this, serve them smaller portions daily. Add smaller servings of avocado, meat, cheese, egg, peanut, and other nut butter. Caregivers know the ins and outs of healthy eating for seniors, so it would be a good idea to hire them if you need additional assistance.
  • Monitor eating patterns.
    As you start to build an eating routine, you will slowly understand their food preferences and dislikes. It will be easier for you to know what they want to eat for breakfast or snacks. Monitor their eating pattern, and with the help of home care in Snellville, Georgia, a caregiver can assist in preparing healthy meals and snacks for them.

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