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Creating a Better Sleeping Environment for Older Adults

Creating a Better Sleeping Environment for Older Adults

We all know sleep is essential for our minds and bodies to regenerate. As we age, we also experience changes in our sleeping habits. Older adults are known to be light-sleepers since they no longer have as much melatonin as before, which is responsible for regulating our sleeping and waking cycle.

At Platinum Home Care Service, we aim to help seniors get a good night’s sleep. Our Home Care in Snellville, Georgia helps them create the right sleeping environment for them.

One thing older adults and their caregivers should set is a regular sleeping schedule. The bedroom should also be comfortable where it is set at the right cool temperature, as heat can cause sleeping problems. For better sleep, lights should also be turned off as many seniors tend to become sensitive to bright light. As Caregivers help older adults get ready for bed, they should also turn off the TV and electronic devices an hour before sleep to prevent distractions.

It is also vital to create a quiet sleeping environment for seniors as they can get sensitive to any noise in the room.

Our Respite Care in Georgia is available for family caregivers who need to rest from caregiving duties while looking after their loved ones. Call now to learn more!

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