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Easy Ways to Remember Your Medication

Easy Ways to Remember Your Medication

While it may not seem like it has a big impact, missing a dose of your medication can have adverse effects on your treatment. As a provider of elderly care, we often encounter missed doses in senior patients who can’t remember to take their medication. Keep your treatment on track by making sure to take your medication on time.

As a provider of home care in Snellville, Georgia, we recommend the following tips to remember your medication:

  • Create a routine
    Take your medication with an activity you do at the same time every day such as mealtimes or brushing your teeth.
  • Set an alarm
    Timing can be important to your medication. Make sure to have an alarm set to remind you of your medication even when you’re busy.
  • Use a pillbox
    A weekly pillbox with compartments for every day and dosing time can be a visual reminder to take your medication. It can also help prevent double doses.
  • Record each dose
    Use a calendar or medication journal to check off whenever you take each dose.
  • Keep your medicine with your caregivers
    If you stay with different caregivers, keep some medicine at each house.

It may be difficult to keep track of your medication if you’re taking several doses of different medicines at different times. We at Platinum Home Care Service can help you through our medication reminder services. We also provide other services such as personal care, companionship, transportation, and respite care in Georgia.

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