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Effective Ways to Prevent Fall Injuries

Effective Ways to Prevent Fall Injuries

Taking care of a senior loved one is not only making sure they take their medications on time and as prescribed but also ensuring they are safe from any injuries. Did you know? One of the most common injuries in seniors is slip or fall accidents. Because some of them may have lost their mobility and balance, they might have a hard time going to and from their desired destination. Thus, as a family member, you can help your elderly loved ones live independently by entrusting their health to professional caregivers and avail of home care in Snellville, Georgia.

There are a lot of benefits when you hire a care provider. Apart from respite care in Georgia, caregivers are also well-trained to help seniors with their balance and mobility to ensure optimal safety. Without proper assistance, your loved one may experience losing their independence, early admission into long-term elderly care facilities, and even death. To prevent these from happening, here are some tips:

  • Encourage your loved ones to exercise every morning
  • Drink milk or eat calcium-rich food every day
  • Have your loved ones’ eyes checked to ensure a clear vision
  • Let your loved ones wear comfortable clothes and non-slip shoes
  • Keep your home safe by de-cluttering

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