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Live with love and comfort at home!
Care of senior women at home sitting on the couch

Conversations with another person can make a world of difference for some people. Even having someone to watch a movie within the living room is more than enough to turn someone’s day around. At Platinum Home Care Service, we realize the immeasurable benefits of companionship and we hope to provide you or your loved one with company at home.

What to expect from companionship?

One of our caregivers will visit you at home at designated schedules throughout the week. Our caregivers can have lively conversations and spend mealtimes with you. They can also provide safety supervision during visits which are ideal especially for seniors who have a tendency to lose their balance or are at risk of falls.

Your safety and comfort.

Because of companionship services, you can live in your home for as long as you want. The company we provide you is invaluable and will make your days more lively in the long run. We hope to become your extended family soon.

Please consider Platinum Home Care Service when you are looking for companions for yourself or a family member. Call 770-615-8844 or 770-575-8362 to inquire.

At Platinum Home Care Service, we continually raise the standard of home care in Snellville, Georgia. Each day that we care for you is an opportunity for innovation and education. We take time to learn about what your needs are so that we can provide innovative services to address them. Talk to us and we’ll help you navigate your options for home care. Call 770-615-8844 or 770-575-8362.