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You deserve to rest.
Nurse Pushing Senior Patient In Wheelchair Along Corridor

Caring for a loved one – no matter how fulfilling it is – can sometimes be overwhelming. We can imagine all the challenges you have to go through just to be there for a senior loved one or a disabled family member. We admire your dedication but we also know that you need to take a break once in a while. Remember that when you are well-rested, you can take better care of your loved one for a longer time.

This is where Platinum Home Care Service comes in.

We offer Respite Care that will fit your schedule. Respite Care can be provided:

  • Over the weekend
  • Overnight
  • On Weekdays
  • On the Spot as needed (depending on availability of care provider)
  • At selected hours throughout the week or the day

Get respite now!

All in all, respite care is flexible and it will embrace whatever your circumstances are. Our goal is for you to get the rest you need and avoid feeling burned out. We are here to provide ongoing support for your family. Call us for assistance – 770-615-8844 or 770-575-8362.

At Platinum Home Care Service, we continually raise the standard of home care in Snellville, Georgia. Each day that we care for you is an opportunity for innovation and education. We take time to learn about what your needs are so that we can provide innovative services to address them. Talk to us and we’ll help you navigate your options for home care. Call 770-615-8844 or 770-575-8362.