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Importance of Personal Care to Your Elderly

Importance of Personal Care to Your Elderly

There could be bacteria that will grow from improper hygiene and could cause severe sickness. So, personal hygiene is also essential to our seniors. Hearing the word Personal Care, we automatically think about grooming or cleaning. But more than this, some aspects need to be considered.

Caregivers need some help to keep senior loved ones’ personal hygiene and grooming comfortable and avoid embarrassing them, so it is significant to develop respect and trust. Humans give worth to our dignity and being gentle and calm is needed in doing personal care to the elderly.

Respite Care in Georgia will give you some tips for assisting your elderly on their hygiene:

  • Bathing
    Ensure that the floor is not wet and slippery, and the water to be used is not too cold and not too hot. And make sure that the bathroom essentials are reachable to the elderly.
  • Clothing
    Ensure their clothes are easy to wear and comfortable. And it is better to lay the clothes down, so it is clear to them what is first to put on.
  • Oral Hygiene
    Ensure your elderly maintain on flossing and brushing their teeth and regular dental visits.
  • Grooming
    Provide your elderly loved one an opportunity to get a beauty therapy appointment.

Platinum Home Care Service, a Home Care in Snellville, Georgia, knows how necessary personal care is to the elderly, and this way, your elderly loved one could get his or her self-confidence back.

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