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Keeping Your Senior Loved One Hydrated

Keeping Your Senior Loved One Hydrated

According to research, the amount of water in a person’s body decreases as they age. That is why senior adults are more susceptible to dehydration than the young. While many people are concerned about their senior loved ones’ nutrition, their hydration levels must also be put into consideration.

Although dehydration is prevalent among senior adults, it can still be prevented. If you live with your senior loved one, you have to make sure they are drinking plenty of water daily. You can also add water-rich foods in their everyday meals like watermelons and cucumbers.

In case your senior loved one is sick or bedridden and can only take a few sips of water, you can work with their physician in ensuring that they get prescribed IV care. This is a safe method of hydration for patients who have difficulty swallowing.

If you can’t be around to look after your senior loved one for a while, you can hire a provider of respite care in Georgia to lend a hand. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that someone is taking care of your loved one while you’re away.

Licensed caregivers can assist their clients with their home and personal care needs. They can cook meals, perform light housekeeping, assist them with bathing and toileting, and run errands. If you’re looking to hire one, contact us!

Platinum Home Care Service is a provider of home care in Snellville, Georgia that offers customized care plans to clients who need them. We look forward to assisting you and your loved ones!

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