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Positive Mood in Seniors Suggests Better Brain Function

Positive Mood in Seniors Suggests Better Brain Function

Research studies showed findings that support links between a positive mental outlook and physical health benefits, including lower blood pressure, lower risks of heart disease, and healthier blood sugar levels. In a recent study of mood changes in older adults and seniors, experts also discovered that healthy brain function may result in maintaining a positive outlook.

Our home care in Snellville, Georgia has also witnessed the different moods seniors have as well as the different effects these can bring. It is important to note how older adults and seniors feel and behave daily as this can be an indicator of a more serious health condition. According to studies, there is a potential neurobiological connection between an older adult’s mood changes in white brain matter and cognitive ability.

White matter is the part of the brain where information is transmitted from one brain region to another. As people age, changes occur in the white matter that may lead to thinking, walking, and balancing changes. The integrity of the white matter and stability of executive function or ability to perform complex tasks appear to be important for maintaining healthy mood states in late life. In performing complex tasks, in-home care agents participate in helping seniors. This can lead to an improved executive function as well.

So, spending time with your aging loved ones is very important for them to develop good mood states. Never ignore their needs and wants and make sure to take time to listen. To know more about our services in caring for aging adults, call Platinum Home Care Service today. We also offer respite care in Georgia.

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