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Tips to Boost Seniors Mental Health

Tips to Boost Seniors Mental Health

Cognitive decline and memory loss are some of the most common conditions brought about by aging. As cognitive functions decline among seniors, they also become vulnerable to mental health issues, including anxiety, severe cognitive impairment, and mood disorders, such as depression or bipolar depression. Mental health conditions are not a normal part of aging, but there are several ways you can boost their mental health. Learn more below.

  • Explore mind games.
    Caregivers and seniors at home can explore activities that strengthen the mind, such as learning a new language, playing an instrument, reading, writing, and playing puzzles and games. Brain games can help sharpen thinking skills including processing speed, planning skills, reaction time, decision making, and short-term memory, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  • Exercise regularly.
    Physical activities have plenty of benefits not just for the body but also for the mind. From taking regular walks to yoga classes and ballroom dancing, getting enough exercise also boosts self-esteem and reduces falling risks. For seniors that need disability care, caregivers offer additional support and assistance at home.
  • Cultivate relationships.
    Connecting with loved ones like family and friends helps in improving mental health and preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Invite neighbors over lunch or talk to an old friend on social media platforms to stay in touch! Respite care in Georgia allows caregivers to take some time off, making it a good time for families to spend meaningful time together with seniors.

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