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Turn Your House into a Senior-Friendly Home with These Tricks

Turn Your House into a Senior-Friendly Home with These Tricks

Are you looking forward to caring for your elderly loved ones at home? Take note that this move might require you to adjust your home’s vibe and interior a little bit. It would be practical to avail of light housekeeping services along with apt senior home care in Snellville, Georgia. And when making home adjustments, be sure to focus on two important aspects: safety and health.

  • Adjustments for Health

    As they’re prone to illnesses, seniors need to be in an environment that’s conducive to physical, mental, and emotional health. Address these needs with the following adjustments:

    • Consider having indoor potted plants
    • Avail of respite care in Georgia to ensure all caregiving tasks are handled well even if you’re away
    • Schedule routine home cleaning
    • Improve the natural ventilation and lighting of the interior area, especially the elderly’s bedroom
  • Improvement Projects for Safety

    The World Health Organization reports that people 65 years old and older have a higher risk of fatal falls. And 20-30% of those who’ve been through fall accidents endure moderate to severe health issues (e.g., bruises, head trauma, hip fractures). These alarming statistics call the need for professional caregivers to look after the elderly. The following home tweaks could also help prevent accidents at home:

    • Make sure you’re using non-slip flooring material
    • Repair uneven walkways
    • Install mobility aids
    • Make the stairs visible and easily accessible
    • Replace bulky free-standing furniture pieces with space-efficient, wall-mounted ones
    • Adopt an open layout for the interior area for easier navigability

Seniors are prone to accidents and diseases. And they might not be able to heal faster and easier. Thus, it’s a must to avail of apt elderly care services from Platinum Home Care Service to ensure they’ll stay safe and healthy at home.

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